Friday, May 02, 2008

U.S. Citizens Consider Japan Most Reliable Asian Partner

American citizens see Japan as the most reliable and top partner in Asia. A recent survey titled “U.S. Image of Japan Study” conducted by U.S. Gallup Organization shows this outcome. The survey includes two categories of respondents. One is general public category, while the second category is of opinion leaders. In the first category, the survey was conducted on 1500 people, while the second category of "opinion leaders" involved 250 people. Among the general public category 43 percent think Japan as the top partner of U.S. in Asia and 67 percent of these 1500 people think Japan as a reliable partner. Among the 254 opinion leaders, 54 percent think Japan is the top partner of U.S. in Asia.

Xinhuanet reported:

According to the telephone poll, 43 percent of 1,500 American adults in a "general public" category considered Japan the "most important partner of the U.S. in the Asian region."

The figure was down from 48 percent in 2007, the survey said.

It also polled 250 "opinion leaders" in the fields of government, business, academia, mass media, religion and labor unions. About 54 percent of the group named Japan as the top U.S. partner in Asia.

India and China are the two emerging markets of Asia when it comes to business. However, it seems that most of the citizens of U.S. still have faith in Japan. It becomes possible because of the responsibility of the Japanese partners. Now, let us see if India and China can achieve the faith of U.S. people in future.