Friday, May 02, 2008

Sony: Good Profit but Not as much Expected

Sony Corporation (TYO:6758) had a good time this financial year (2007-08) and it has earned some healthy amount of revenue and profit. However, the profit fell just a bit short of prediction of some analysts and it has become media headlines in many websites.

I am giving you links to some reports of some websites in this regard:

Sony 07/08 profit to quintuple but miss target: report

Sony likely to miss profit target: Report

If you look at the headlines of these two reports then you may get an idea that Sony did not do that well in the last financial year. Well, Reuters wrote: “operating profit likely jumped more than fivefold to 380 billion yen ($3.6 billion) on strong sales of digital cameras in the year just ended, but it missed the company's forecast by 30 billion yen, the Nikkei business daily reported.”

So, you can easily see that Sony had a good year financially.