Friday, May 23, 2008

Samsung launched EcoGreen F1 hard disk

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd (SEO: 005930) has unveiled its new 1-TB eco-friendly line of hard drives. Named EcoGreen F1, this new hard drive will be launched in the second quarter of 2008. Talking about the hard disk, T.J Lee, vice president of sales and marketing, Samsung Storage Division, said that since 2003, his company had been producing hard disks complying with the restriction of the use of hazardous materials. The EcoGreen product line was designed to meet consumer demand for eco-friendly, high-performance devices with an optimized cost of ownership advantage.

The EcoGreen F1 comes with the following features:

  • The EcoGreen F1 has 15% power usage reduction compared to other hard drives of its categories. tgdaily reports:

Samsung promises that its EcoGreen F1 hard drive will consume about 50% less power than traditional hard drives and about 15% less than “other low-power” 1 TB hard drives. The company did not provide the exact specifications, but assumed that Samsung considered the 13.4 watt maximum power consumption of its own 1 TB hard drive as well as Western Digital’s Greenpower hard drives, which claim to consume at least 4 watts less than other 1 TB hard drives, our math would put the Samsung drive into the 7 – 8 watt maximum power range.

  • Compared to standard 1TB drives the EcoGreen F1 has 50% reduction in power usage.
  • The EcoGreen F1 also offers reduced noise through Silent Seek and Noise Guard.
  • The data integrity of EcoGreen F1 adds up extra protection through the use of advanced dynamic Flying on Demand (FOD) technology which prevents the head from ever touching the disk surface.
  • The EcoGreen F1 fits in three 334 GB platters spinning at 5400 rpm. Consumer electronic Net says:

The EcoGreen F1 hard drive offers the highest capacity per disk for one terabyte hard drives, at 334GB per platter. This reduces the number of parts required to operate the hard drive and helps to boost the drive's speed for overall improved performance.

  • The EcoGreen F1 has a 32MB cache memory and SATA 3.0 Gbps interface.
  • The EcoGreen F1 can be used both as internal or external drive for desktop PCS.
  • The new EcoGreen F1 can also be used for surveillance applications and for audio and video recording in case of low power requirement.
  • Samsung’s new eco-friendly drive can be adopted as an external hard drive as well as an internal drive for desktop PCs.
  • The EcoGreen F1 is also ideal for surveillance applications and for audio and video recording where low power and stability requirements are critical.

Price: The EcoGreen F1 will cost US$199.

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