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Samsung F480 TouchWiz: The latest "iPhone killer " from Samsung

Every body is saying that it is going to be an ‘iPhone killer’. I am not a serious mobile user; so, it is upto you do decide which one is better. Next month, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd (SEO: 005930) is launching SGH F480 ‘Tocco’ in Europe. Tocco is an Italian word which means touch. Touchscreen phones are the trend at present and the Samsung F480 TouchWiz is a smart, sleek mobile phone for fashion conscious people. It resembles more with Samsung Armani handset or LG’s Prada or LG KU990. Samsung announced the phone at the Barcelona Mobile Congress in February. Unconfirmed reports said that the phone is going to have different branding in UK.


  • Length: 98 mm
  • Width: 55 mm
  • Breadth: 11.5mm
  • Weight: 91 gram
  • The first thing that will strike you about the Samsung F480 TouchWiz is its size. The phone has the size of your credit says:

Did someone say PRADA? Well, it really looks similar. We won’t go into details about the design in this preview as the images will say it all. The F480 can stand next to the Prada and Armani phones with its head high up as it definitely looks great. Additionally, it can have a leather cover on the back (half of it) and front, making it look as a fashion accessory. The unit we currently use is of this type, but we also saw one without the leather – it is just the battery cover which is different.

  • The Samsung F480 TouchWiz has leather back and chrom trim.
  • The Samsung F480 TouchWiz supports 3G, EDGE, GSM, and GPRS.
  • The Samsung F480 TouchWiz has HSDPA with a download speed of 7.2mpps.
  • The Samsung F480 TouchWiz has 240 MB of internal music memory.
  • The Samsung F480 TouchWiz has micro SD expandable memory which can be expanded up to 8GB.
  • The Samsung F480 TouchWiz comes with USB 2.0.
  • The Samsung F480 TouchWiz has a 2.8 inch, 320 x 240 pixel touch screen, which comes with drag 'n' drop feature to access common functions like the clock, radio player, music player, photos, birthday reminders. Upon touching each icon the phone gives a vibrating feedback. further says:

As we said earlier, this is the first phone to use Samsung’s new TouchWiz interface, which is the successor of the Croix. It is very similar in the way it acts, but in visual aspect they have nothing in common: our main dislikes of the Croix were that it has monochrome look, and often the user must wonder what the icons actually meant. In the TouchWiz, everything is colorful, easily distinguishable, and has label with its function, so even the first time user will orientate easy. Similar to the G600 (and the Soul), the menus change with an animated transition. In this model they cannot be personalized, but are different depending on menu you are currently in. In combination with all the colorful icons, this looks very good.

  • The Samsung F480 TouchWiz has Bluetooth 2.0 via A2DP.
  • The Samsung F480 TouchWiz has built-in blogging support, email and web browser. Cellphonedia says:

Samsung takes pride in its upcoming release of its new 3G mobile, the Samsung SGH-F480. It has a built-in camera that is about 5 megapixels with 20 x digital zoom functions. If that's not enough to blow your mind, add the fact that the Samsung SGH-F480 has video capture and video player capabilities. This makes it equipped with a digital video zoom that can go up to 12 x. Aside from this; it has a 2nd internal camera, a built-in flash, and an auto-focus function. This is along with its capability to project image stabilization. You can take pictures and videos as often as you like since it has about 130 MB of phone memory. The F480's phonebook alone can store up to 1,000 contacts. Thus, if you need more room to store your videos, photos and other data, the Samsung SGH-F480 has an external memory card slot that can accommodate 1 MB up to 4 MB of storage capacity.


  • The Samsung F480 TouchWiz has 5 mega-pixel camera with auto-focus and flash.
  • The Samsung F480 TouchWiz comes with video and image stabilizing technology.
  • The Samsung F480 has slow motion function and built-in video editor.
  • The Samsung F480 TouchWiz has video calling facility.

The user can enjoy music on their phone by using the built in music player, radio feature or by enjoying their favourite ringing tones on the Samsung E480. The music player supports MP3 format, AAC & AAC+ music formats. The user can control their music using the easy to manage touch screen controls. The user can download or transfer their favourite music onto their phone using the connectivity options available & Internet access. The E480 supports both MP3 ringing tones & polyphonic ringtones which allow the user to enjoy a lively ringing tone experience on their phone. The radio feature is a FM radio complete with RDS feature which is accessible from the main menu.With the Samsung F480 TouchWiz, you can enjoy FM Radio with RDS.

Weak points:
  • The Samsung F480 TouchWiz does not support WiFi and GPS.
  • Samsung F480 TouchWiz is not so user friendly. The touch function drains more power from the battery. Compared to the Samsung F480, iPhone is simpler and better. GSM says:

Samsung F480 features a new UI, with nice colorful icons. It is a welcome change as previous touch UI Samsung handsets we reviewed seemed a little too reserved. The other nice improvement to the interface is the addition of widgets. We did like the idea and we are glad the implementation didn't let us down.The Widgets are basically a very convenient way for customizing your home screen. The Widget bar toggles on and off the homescreen by pressing the arrow in the lower left corner.The Widget bar itself includes a number of icons, which can be dragged onto the display and ordered to the user liking. If any of them should become unwanted, they can easily be dragged back to the bar. Here is a quick video demonstration on how the whole widget thing works.

  • The Samsung F480 TouchWiz has three hour talk time and 250 hours of stand-by life.


The price of Samsung F480 TouchWiz is around €500 (£400).

Now, the million dollar question is, do you think that Samsung F480 is better than iPhone?

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