Thursday, May 08, 2008

Samsung Glyde SCH-u940 Review

Samsung Electronics Company Limited (SEO:005935) is going to release another phone for Verizon Wireless; Samsung Glyde SCH-u940. It is the first touch screen phone produced by Samsung. Here is a brief description of the various features of the phone:

General features:

  • Samsung Glyde SCH-u940 is a CDMA version of the Samsung F700.
  • Samsung Glyde SCH-u940 has 8 GB micro storage system.
  • Samsung Glyde SCH-u940 has a slide open full QWERTY keyboard. It slides out to the left and very easy to open. The square keys are big and easy to press but the key board does not have numeric keys. You can close and open it with one hand.
  • The display changes after you open the keyboard but the menu options remain the same.
  • Samsung Glyde SCH-u940’s user interface is based on Croix interface but it has been heavily modified for Verizon.
  • Samsung Glyde SCH-u940 has a major weakness.It can not handle notepad or document.
  • Samsung Glyde SCH-u940 comes with GPS navigation.
  • The headset port and headset jack in Samsung Glyde SCH-U940 are separated.
  • To connect Samsung Glyde SCH-u940 with memory card, you will have to remove the battery cover.
  • Samsung Glyde SCH-u940 has text and multimedia messaging.
  • It also has a calculator, a calendar, an alarm clock, a stop watch, a world clock, and a notepad.
  • The phone also has text-to-speech function.


  • Samsung Glyde SCH-u940 weighs 4.1 ounces.
  • Samsung Glyde SCH-u940’s is 4.1 by 2 by .7 inches.
  • Samsung Glyde SCH-u940 has a 262K color screen which works fine as a display but falls short for an ideal touch screen.
  • Samsung Glyde SCH-u940’s home screen contains few options.
    • Dial pad: It has a traditional 12-button design and dedicated talk and End controls, clear button, shortcuts for contacts and recent calls lists.
    • Contacts: The Samsung Glyde SCH-u940 has 500-contact phone book. For each entry, you can enter five phone numbers, two e-mail addresses, and notes. You can group the callers and set photo beside their names.
    • Main menu: It shows various functions with icons which is a good thing. As you will operate on the touch screen you will see blue bars on the display that follow your finger as you swipe from one option to another option.
  • It also has access to Verizon's extra cost services (including V Cast music, ringtones, games, and VZ Navigator).
  • In the center of the display, there is a small blue square. Clicking on it will take you to a shortcut menu containing 12 icons.
  • At the bottom, there is another shortcut bar which contains seven functions including the speakerphone, the message in-box, the missed calls list, the calendar, and the alarm clock.

Touch screen:

  • The touch screen of Samsung Glyde SCH-u940 uses capacitive touch technology. It relies on the electromagnetism of one’s fingers. The main problem is the touch screen is not strong enough. Very often the buttons do not function on one touch. Moreover, the small size of the screen makes it difficult to use.
  • The measure of Samsung Glyde SCH-u940’s touch screen display is 240 by 440 pixels. The length is 2.75 inches.
  • Like Apple iPhone, the front touch screen of Samsung Glyde SCH-u940 does not have too many buttons.
  • Another interesting feature of Samsung Glyde SCH-u940 touch screen is that it has a haptic vibrating feedback. Whenever you touch a button on the touch screen, it vibrates.


  • Samsung Glyde SCH-u940 comes with stereo Bluetooth.
  • Samsung Glyde SCH-u940 has Evolution, Data Optimized (EVDO) system, full HTML browser. It supports Verizon's Get It Now and V Cast services.
  • Users will have to browse the net by holding the screen horizontally. This is another weakness of Samsung Glyde SCH-u940 because it gives you little space for reading the web content.
  • Samsung Glyde SCH-u940has a 2 mega pixel camera with auto focus and flash.
  • You will find Samsung Glyde SCH-u940’s camera under the ‘Get it now option.’
  • On the right side of Samsung Glyde SCH-u940 there is a volume rocker/camera zoom, a camera shutter, and a power control.
  • The camera lens, flash, and self-portrait mirror are situated on the back of Samsung Glyde SCH-u940. For taking pictures, you have to hold the phone horizontally.
  • The Samsung Glyde SCH-u940 offers a collection of 72-chord polyphonic ringtones.
  • The Samsung Glyde SCH-u940 has clear audio sound with zero background noise.
  • The Samsung Glyde SCH-u940 has a high call quality.
  • It also contains vibrate alert mode.


The Samsung Glyde SCH-u940will cost $250.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your nice and detailed review. I noticed that many other websites have written about Samsung Glyde SCH-u940 phone but they have not covered indepth like you. However, you forget to mention in your title that Samsung Glyde SCH-u940 is a mobile phone. Verizon Wireless users will surely enjoy the nice features of Glyde SCH-u940. I think that GPS navigation will be a strong point for the mobile phone.

kamrul hasan said...

Every one dream to be the owner of a mobile phone with latest technology. Mobile has become part and parcel of our every day life. Modern life is unthinkable without mobile phone. Yes, it a really a nice article with details information. Samsung Glyde SCG-u940 cell phone is good enough to attract the attention of general people. Its model features, technology really attract me but any can be hopeless after seeking the price. I wish Samsung Company reduce their latest cell phone price as middle class family can dare to buy this set. Day by day electronic products price reduce. So, I am waiting for that time when the price will be my bearable.

Anonymous said...

Let me be first to thank your for the informative article.

To be honest, I am eagerly waiting to get my palms on the first touch screen phone from Samsung. It seems to have easy navigation and some good features. I guess, it does not have complex function. So, the Verizon Wireless users will like it.

Samsung Glyde SCH-u940 seems to have less weight. Given the size of the phone, I think, it will be very easy to carry. GPS navigation is definitely the most interesting features of Samsung Glyde SCH-u940 and its touch screen will also attract the users.

Interesting article. Keep up the good work.

animesh chandra Bain said...

In the article you have given a deep analysis abut Verizon Wireless; Samsung Glyde SCH-u940. I am feeling interest about the storage. You have also described the advantage and the disadvantage and how to use the Samsung Glyde SCH-u940. You have compared Samsung Glyde SCH-u940 with Apple iphone that is also looking good. I did not get any information in your post that about in which individual sides of the mobile phone are focusing the company?