Sunday, May 11, 2008

Samsung Aiming to Become the No. 1 Mobile Phone Maker by 2010 or 2011

South Korean mobile phone maker Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. (SEO:005930) is now aiming to increase its market share and overtake Nokia, which is currently the no.1 mobile phone manufacturer in the world, by 2010 or 2011. Samsung’s market share is being increased gradually and the mobile phone company is now interacting with the customers and focusing on what their customers are interested to get.

Samsung has recently launched its latest model, Soul in the Gulf region. Soul is known as U900 in the gulf. Samsung Soul or U900 has some great photography features that would be very attractive for those who are avid fan of photography. It comes with a five megapixel camera with some professional photographic features like face detection, image stabiliser and Wide Dynamic Range (WDR). Samsung Soul or U900 is just 12.9 mm thin.

Gulf news reported:

At only 12.9mm thin, Soul is equipped with professional photography functions, including a five megapixel digital camera. The phone is enhanced with advanced multimedia capabilities which showcase up-to-date features such as face detection, image stabiliser and Wide Dynamic Range (WDR).

Recently, Ranjan Mazumdar, vice-president and head of sales and marketing of Samsung Electronics, has talked about the goals and expectations of Samsung. Despite huge competition Samsung could sell out 46.3 millions mobile sets in the first quarter of the current year. The company holds 15.6 percent market share globally, while it has 35-40 percent market share when it comes to high-end models. Though Samsung is currently enjoying 16-17 percent of market share in the Gulf, the company is aiming to reach 20 percents by this year in the Gulf.

Well, to be honest, I think, the South Korean company is aggressively marketing and holds a confident approach to the global market. It has already passed Motorola to secure the second position after Nokia in the global market in terms of second quarter sales so far. So, I think, Samsung is going to throw some real challenges for Nokia in the coming months of the year. Now, let us see if Samsung can achieve its goals and become the no. 1 mobile phone manufacturer in the world.


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