Sunday, May 11, 2008

Nissan will stop Micra production

Nissan Motor Company Limited (TYO:7201) has decided to stop the production of one of its largely produced small car, Micra, at the Sunderland plant in UK. The company is going to build a new model which it is expected to announce next month. reports:

Nissan is expected to announce next month that a replacement for the Micra, to be launched in 2010, will be made elsewhere, although increased production of its Qashqai mid-sized model will take up the slack at the factory in northeast England, the newspaper reported.

Qashqai is a family hatchback. Carlos Ghosn assured that the Sunderland plant will operate in its full facility because running below the plant capacity is not profitable for the company.

On Tuesday, Nissan is going to announce its five year plan. At face of rising oil price, the car company is aiming to mass produce electric vehicles in future.

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