Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Nokia will use Linux in a handset that works as a mobile phone under WiMAX network.

Will or will not Nokia use Linux in its mobile phones? Most of the news reports including Reuters said that it will, but the Finnish mobile giant refuted those claims. Currently, Nokia is using Linux Operating system in its 810 Internet Tablet. Other major mobile phone companies like Vodafone, Motorola, NTTDoCoMo, Huawei and LG are also moving towards using Linux based softwares. The speculation about Linux started after Nokia’s Financial Director, Rick Simonson said that his company was well on the way towards using Linux on its mobile phone products. It further prompted a speculation about a tie-up with Google. The Register reports:

Except, says Nokia, it has no such plan. The confusion comes from the definition of a mobile phone, and what constitutes a phone handset. Nokia already uses Linux on its internet tablet class of devices, exemplified by the Nokia N810, and is planning to expand that class into more feature-rich devices.

The N810 already features VoIP, including a Skype client, but so far those have only been usable when logged on to a Wi-Fi hotspot. But in the US Nokia has announced and demonstrated a version of the N810 with WiMAX support, which will give it the always-on connectivity that traditionally defines a mobile phone.

So here is a handset, from Nokia, which can make and receive calls as long as it remains within a WiMAX network which is intended to be ubiquitous, eventually. So can one say Nokia are planning to release mobile phones based on Linux?

I am not a mobile phone savvy person but when you can use a machine to receive and send calls then I think we should refer it as a phone. So, in the end, it looks like that Nokia is going to use Linux in its phone set.

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