Friday, May 02, 2008

Japan Keen to Receive Panda on Lease from China

A panda of 22 years old died of old age this week at Tokyo's Ueno Zoo. Japan received the Panda named Ling Ling from China as a gift in 1992 on the occasion of 20th anniversary of revival of the diplomatic relationship between the two countries. China is used to provide Panda as gift to the government of other countries to strengthen the ties. Now, Japanese government is interested to get some more Pandas for that Zoo. Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda said that they had made a request to Chinese government on this regard. However, China now provides giant Pandas only on lease, because it is an endangered animal in the world.

AFP reported:

"We have already made such a request through diplomatic channels," Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda told reporters.

"I hear that everybody used to visit the zoo for a glimpse of pandas. I believe it would be great if the zoo had them."

Ling Ling, born in the Beijing Zoo in 1985, was given to Ueno in 1992 in exchange for a Japanese-born panda to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the restoration of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Panda is an endangered animal across the world and it is necessary to protect this endangered species from extinction. At the same time, Panda is one of those animals who are very popular among the fans and children. So, for Ueno Zoo, it is needed to have more Pandas. In fact, this will increase their income and Japanese people will also be able see Pandas. Now, let us see if China provides some more Pandas to Japan.