Sunday, May 11, 2008

Hyundai H-1 Car Review

Hyundai Motor Company (SEO:005380) is famous for its commercial utility vehicles. The new Hyundai H-1 model was premiered at the 2007 European Road Transport show.

Here is a brief review of the new Hyundai H-1:

  • The new Hyundai H-1 comes with following dimension:
    • Length 5,125 mm
    • Width 1920 mm
    • Wheelbase 3200 mm
  • The new Hyundai H-1 is available in three different versions: panel van and window van for small and medium sized enterprises and wagon for larger household and shuttle service.
  • The new Hyundai H-1 cargo career comes in 2/3/5/6 seater version and the passenger career comes in 8/9/11/12 seater version.
  • The new Hyundai H-1 comes with three different engines keeping in mind the different standards and requirements of different countries.
    • General market:
      • 2.5-liter turbocharged inter cooled engine. It delivers 100ps of horsepower and 23kg m of torque.
      • Fuel consumption rate: 9.4 km/litre.
      • The engine can be run with five-speed manual gear or four-speed automatic gear.
    • European and Korean market:
      • 2.5 common rail diesel engine with variable geometry turbocharger. It delivers 170ps (125 kW) at 3800 rpm.
      • It has a top speed of 181 km/h.
      • The fuel consumption rate is 8.8 litre/km.
      • It can be run with a five-speed manual gear or four or five speed automatic gear.
    • Gasoline market:
      • For countries that use gasoline. It is 175Hp 2.4-liter theta petrol engine.
      • It has a maximum speed of 185km/h.
      • Fuel consumption rate: 7.1km/litre.
  • The new Hyundai H-1 has dual sliding side doors.
  • The new Hyundai H-1 cargo van has twin swing rear doors.
  • The new Hyundai H-1 comes with Enlarged wheels and tires.
  • The new Hyundai H-1 passenger career comes with back-up warning system.
  • The new Hyundai H-1 large passenger career has sliding side window.
  • The boldly styled Hyundai H-1 comes with larger headlights and optional 16” alloys, family grille.
  • The new Hyundai H-1 comes with transmission gear shift lever to the center fascia.
  • The new Hyundai H-1 comes with overhead storage console.
  • The new Hyundai H-1 has electro-chromic rear view mirror.
  • The new Hyundai H-1 comes with roof-mounted air vents for improved cooling and heating.
  • The new Hyundai H-1 comes with 16-inch front disc brakes.
  • The new Hyundai H-1 comes with Mac Pherson strut front suspension.

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