Tuesday, March 11, 2008

BMW Planning to Launch Mini Car of Rs 20 Lakh in India

BMW is now planning to launch a mini car in Indian market. The car is expected to have price tag of around Rs 20 lakh. The market analyses for the car has been completed and they are just yet to finalize the launch with company headquarter. BMW president Peter Kronchnabi said that the company would bring BMW S6 on the road by 2009. Everything seems to be right except the car price.

Indian market is a price sensitive market. Price, in most cases, is a deciding factor in India. It is true that BMW may have targeted a particular segment of buyers who would be interested to get a mini car of BMW brand Rs 20 lakh. Indian based car maker Tata Motors has launched their promised car worth of Rs. 1 lakh. The car is titled Tata Nano, which would be seen in Indian road from September this season. The car has already created huge attention among the people in the country.

Now, let us see if BMW could bring out success with the mini car in India’s competitive and price sensitive market. Only time will say everything.

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