Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Toyota to become the Highest Selling Automaker in 2007

Toyota is going to become leading automakers in terms of its sales volumes this year. So far, Toyota sold more than 70,000 vehicles. However, another Japanese automaker, Mitsubishi has experienced an excellent year with more than 11,000 vehicles sold so far this year. Compared to its sales volume of 18 months ago, Mitsubishi has already made a strong come back this. Mitsubishi has sold more than 6000 vehicle in November. With its new Lancer sedan, Mitsubishi could survive in the market successfully. GM-Holden is expected to take the second place whereas Ford is going to secure the third place in terms of overall sales unit this year.

Herald Sun reported:
But given Mitsubishi's doom-and-gloom outlook just 18 months ago and the poorly selling 380 V6 garnering most of the negative media about the company, its 2007 sales result should please head office in Japan.
Last month Mitsubishi experienced a strong month, with more than 6000 vehicles sold.
Its overall tally for the year is up more than 11,000 vehicles, or more than 20 per cent, over the same period last year.

So, it seems that Toyota and Mitsubishi are making a strong ground for the Japanese brand cars world wide. Now, let us see if GM-Holden, Ford etc. can respond strongly to decrease the domination of Japanese car in the global auto market.