Saturday, February 03, 2007

ZF Thailand Eyes Auto Market of Vietnam

Vietnam was a very poor country until a few years ago. However, in the last one decade the country has witnessed good economic growth and that is why Vietnam has a flourishing auto trade. Now, ZF Thailand wants to do well in Vietnam.

Thanhnien news wrote:

Auto parts maker ZF Thailand is mapping out plans to open offices in Vietnam and Cambodia this year, its managing director, Sumate Jaito, has announced.

Jaito said after establishing a firm foothold in Thailand, his company, an affiliate of Germany's ZF Group, was eyeing markets elsewhere in Southeast Asia.

Its expansion plans coincide with a Thai curb on the production of commercial vehicles, hitting the auto parts industry.

Jaito believed his company's products, with strict quality control from the parent company in Germany, could compete with others in Asia.

So, good luck to ZA Thailand. Vietnam will be a good place to do business.