Saturday, February 03, 2007

Car Insurance: Reduction in Nova Scotia

Car insurance is not something that we like to have. We have to have them but we don’t love them. So, any reductions make us happy. I guess some drivers in Nova Scotia will be happy to find that they are getting some reduction.

The Chronicle Herald reported:

Some drivers in Nova Scotia got a break on their auto insurance Friday.

Allstate Insurance Company of Canada announced in a press release it will reduce auto insurance rates in Nova Scotia by 12 per cent on average and Pembridge Insurance Company says it will cut rates by 10.5 per cent this year.

"Every Allstate policyholder in Nova Scotia with full coverage will see their premiums go down in 2007," said Christianne Dostie, Allstate vice-president. "Allstate is committed to offering a high-quality insurance product at the most affordable and appropriate price, along with exceptional customer service in a stable and thriving insurance market in Nova Scotia."

Allstate policyholders can expect a reduction of 12 per cent on average.

Too bad that I do not live in Nova Scotia. Then I could get some reductions.


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