Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Owning a Car: Rich World vs Third World

I live in Bangladesh, one of the poorest countries in the world and here very few people own a car. On the other hand, in the rich countries like America almost everyone except children and mad people own a car. For many people in the poor world, even taking a ride by taxi cab is like a luxury and millions of people do not have the opportunity to have a ride by a car in their whole life.

I am sure that for the people in the rich world, owning a car is just like owning every other thing. However, for the people living in the third world countries, even buying a second hand reconditioned car is like a dream coming true after many years of patient waiting. So, it is very enjoyable for all the members of a family. A sense of pride and fulfillment comes with the purchase of a car in the third world.

As for me, I am quite happy without having a car. Of course, I use taxi cab a lot from going one place to another but owning a car is not in my priority list.