Friday, February 02, 2007

Chevy Aveo and a Wallet: From Korea to America

In the age of globalization, many cars are produced in Asia and then used in America and Europe. However, we hardly hear about wallets traveling this way. So, I found this story to be very interesting in which, the wallet of a Korean auto worker ended up in New York. reported:

A wallet lost by a factory worker in South Korea has turned up, in western New York. The auto worker lost his wallet last year while checking out the wiring on a car that was bound for the United States.

He didnt' realize his wallet was missing until after the Chevy Aveo left the GM-Daewoo assembly plant in suburban Seoul.

Several months and thousands of miles later, the car was delivered to the Fuccillo Chevrolet dealership on Grand Island, outside Buffalo.

It is nice that the wallet was returned to the original owner.