Monday, January 29, 2007

Wind of Change in Auto Industry?

JIM STANFORD has written a reflective article in

A new auto pact, for a new auto industry- the title suggests that he is talking about the changes in the auto industry.

He wrote:

The Detroit show -- first and biggest of them all -- celebrated its 100th anniversary this year. But lurking behind the glitter was fear the curtain may be closing on Detroit's century as automotive capital of the world. Will the snappy new products shown in Detroit reverse the massive losses experienced by GM, Ford, and now Chrysler?

GM's resurgence seems encouraging. It snagged honours for both Car and Truck of the Year (the latter with the Canadian-made Silverado), and its plug-in hybrid Volt sedan (which gets 150 miles to the gallon) generated the show's top buzz.

Chrysler and Ford also unveiled cutting-edge designs. Chrysler's new-generation minivan (built in Canada) has stowable swiveling back seats, and even a table. Ford's futuristic Airstream concept would create a whole new vehicle class -- a "people-mover," neither minivan nor SUV. It could conceivably be built here, too, if it gets the go-ahead.

The industry's quality guru, J.D. Power and Associates, delivered more welcome news: Big Three vehicles are more reliable than European-made cars, and the gap relative to Asian vehicles has almost disappeared.

Yes big changes indeed. Go ahead and read the entire article. If you are an auto enthusiast, you will enjoy reading it.