Friday, January 26, 2007

Car Insurance Fraud Getting Busted: Car Insurance Rate Falling

Car insurance fraud is a growing problem in the western countries. Many times, car owners claim false accidents and get money. Thus, it drives the price of the insurance up for everyone. For few bad people, everyone is suffering. However, in Massachusetts, a fight back is taking place and this is helping everyone. reported:

High-profile crackdowns on auto insurance fraud have resulted in dramatic savings for drivers in some Massachusetts communities.

The statewide average premium is scheduled to drop by nearly 12 percent on April 1, but drivers in some communities where antifraud task forces have been operating will see even greater savings, with premiums falling 24 percent in Lawrence and more than 15 percent in some Boston neighborhoods.

Drivers in Lawrence, the first Massachusetts community to target insurance fraud in 2003 following a case in which a grandmother died in what police called a staged accident, will see the average annual premium drop to $1,379 from $1,815.

In Boston's Dorchester section, drivers will see the average premium fall to $1,670 from $2,033, a reduction of almost 18 percent.

A good initiative indeed. If every community could take this kind of initiative then we would suffer less.


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