Thursday, June 01, 2006

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 for World Cup Football: American Company's love for Soccer

Microsoft’s new gaming console Xbox has been launched in Japan and also in England with the official game of Fifa world cup2006 of EA sports. So, football fans will enjoy some passionate moments of world cup in the game of EA sports. This is the latest product of Microsoft-Addidas partnership. With the official England song’s “World at your feet” Microsoft’s World Cup 2006 Xbox bundle are now available in England which includes EA Fifa 2006 world cup.

Microsoft also launched a competition named “What’s In Your Locker” with the association of Britvic, a drink manufacturer where the winners will be prized with Xbox 360 in every 90 minutes with pepsi.

Pepsi has joined hand with Microsoft and thus both the companies are expecting that their strategic partnership will benefit both the companies during this World Cup.

EA sport has released four games for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 which are NBA Live 06, Fifa 2006 Road to the World Cup, Madden NFL 2006 and Tiger Woods 2006. Some other games for Xbox are Dead or Alive, College Hoops 2K6, Top Spin 2, Sonic Riders, Fight Night Round 3, Perfect Dark Zero, Project Gotham Racing 3, Kameo etc.