Thursday, June 01, 2006

Microsoft needs 8 allies to rival Apple's iPod! How many allies needed to face Google?

Apple Computer has remained a strong force in the tech world in the recent time mainly because of the huge success of its iPod, the portable digital music player. iPod is so famous that I do not need to go any details about this product. iPod has been very successful in the markets of Asia, Europe and America and the other leading tech companies have totally failed to destroy the market share of iPod anywhere in the world. Microsoft after failing to do something in the US market is now adamant to put an end to the reign of iPod in Japan. Microsoft has joined hand with Toshiba, Victor, NTT DoCoMo, and five other companies for developing a portable digital music player that will rival Apple's iPod.

It is really surprising that to counter Apple, Microsoft had to woo so many companies. Microsoft will build the software while Victor and Toshiba will make the hardware (the music player) and other companies will most probably contribute in the marketing success of this product. You may wonder why Microsoft selected the Japanese market. Well, I guess that Japanese people are most crazy for new gismos in the world and thus Bill Gates is thinking that if he can become successful in Japan then sooner or later he will defeat iPod in Europe and USA.

I am surprised a bit because these days the main rival of Microsoft is considered to be Google not Apple any more. Many observers see Google as the rising sun in the technology world and in the search engine industry; Microsoft has been defeated very badly by Google in the recent months. I am sure that sooner or later Microsoft will take the matter of search engine seriously like it is doing for iPod. So, I wonder, if Microsoft needs 8 allies to rival Apple's iPod then how many allies Microsoft will need to fight against Google search. 800 or 800,000.
What do you think?

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