Thursday, May 18, 2006

World Cup Football 2006: Germany opens a window of traveling and acquiring knowledge

Written by: Biplob Kishore Deb
After reading the title you may think that, what is the relation between world cup football and acquiring knowledge? Yes, this is true. Football is a source of entertainment and knowledge is something different but on the occasion of world cup football millions of football fans will have a chance to travel the historical places, museum, observe the cathedrals, churches and many other attractive sights that will help them to know about the German culture and history.

Thinking about the huge number of football fans from different countries and their traveling interests, German government and private travel organizations have already taken some programs for cheap accommodations and meals. Communication system is also praiseworthy because travelers can rent mobiles and cars which are available in the German society. Almost all types of transportation system including air, train, and bus are available in Germany. Bars, clubs and internet cafes are also very cheap.

This is really a great step taken by German government. Yesterday when I read the article written by my teacher on World Cup Football and Tourism I felt bad for those who are interested to visit Germany but would not be able to do so because of the high prices of tickets and hotel rooms. This program will attract those travelers and help them to enrich their knowledge. Through such programs the organizers are expecting some financial boom in the sector of tourism. So friends! Start your preparation for Germany. Wish you all a nice travel!