Monday, May 29, 2006

World Cup Blog: The place to be

The 18th world cup football is going to be held from 9June in Germany. Ahead of this biggest occasion of sports, fans become crazy and most of them started something all about world cup. On this occasion fans frequently go through some websites for taking information regarding their favorite teams and players with pictures and some other background news of world cup like statistics, records, player profile etc.

Considering such a huge interests of football fans over the world, a blog named “World Cup Blog” has been launched where football fans have access to go through some important and informative articles on various latest aspects of upcoming world cup like team analysis, player analysis etc. Fans can through their comment on each article and share their views and opinion. They can also easily find articles on the basis of their favorite teams with separate links. So fans can get article based on different category. Every article has relevant picture that makes the article more attractive to its readers. They can also find the name of top 5 teams in terms of getting highest posts. Moreover what is more important is that most of the articles get a huge number of comments and here lies the success of this blog.

The article I liked most is titled “What are your world cup superstitions.” Here, writer Bob Kellett, the managing editor of World cup blog, shows some interesting superstitious ideas of world footballer that they are used to do. I give my heartiest thanks to Mr. Bob for his excellent and informative article.

I think football fans and journalists can find this blog a window of information and latest news.

So, dear readers, pay a visit to this blog and who knows, you may find something more interesting in this blog that I did not find.

World Cup Blog
(by Biplob Kishore Deb)