Sunday, May 28, 2006


In the beginning, blogging appeared to me like maintaining a diary on the net. There is nothing special about it. You write your thoughts and ideas and that is it. Now, I must say that my idea about blogs has changed. In previous months, I have come across many great blogs and known great bloggers. I have no doubt that blog and blogging is a serious business. Until now, I have come across one or two personal blogs. Recently, I have come across another personal blog of a Finnish woman: Paeonia.
Looking at the title of the blog, Paeonia, I thought that it may be a Finnish word. Then I looked for definition in Google and I found out that Paeonia is the Genus of a flower plant family. Then I looked at the title again and I noticed that in the background there is a hazy picture of green leaves. It appeared to me that, the author is a lover of nature and greenery (I am not sure about it). Below the title, an interesting statement: I, a hardy lady, botanize in both academic and civic flora. Well, the side picture ensures me that the writer is a lady (and definitely a beautiful one I would say); however, after going through her CV I have no doubt that she is definitely a hardy lady!!!!!
Susanne Sperring lives in Finland. She studied in Åbo Akademi University Turku, Finland. She did her B.A in Romance Philology and M.A in Sociology. She has a diversified career- a waitress, journalist, trainee, and many other activities. She is a highly energetic woman. At present she is a Laboratory Assistant in the iDTV Lab, at Media City of Åbo Akademi University. She is doing her PhD in the same University. Among her other qualities: she is ambidextrous, a booklover and a serious reader (after getting a literature scholarship she has bought many books and on the side bar you will also find small review of the books she is reading lately).
Paeonia contains small posts on various subjects of Susanne’s interest; television, internet TV, iTV conferences, interesting news and events happened or will happen to the author, ranging from 100-200 words. Honestly, I like this style because the writer describes her thoughts and ideas in simple sentences without using many examples or long introductions. Among recent posts, I enjoyed: Happiness formula, News Flashes, 2 years anniversary, Rocking International Women's Day, and Vasaloppet race timing. Among her old posts I really liked fate uncovered, hooray again!, Mystery of dialects, Runeberg's Day, and lastly Organizational blogs are more conversational than web sites.
Recently, Sussanne joined a conference on internet television in Athens and she uploaded the paper she read in the conference. Unfortunately, I could not read it because it was written in Finnish but those of you who know Finnish can see the paper from this link:
Wish you readers a happy visit!!!
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(In case, if you fail to see the paper you can also get it through this link)