Thursday, May 11, 2006

Toyota looking for its new plant location in Europe

Written by: S.M.Mehdi Hassan
According to BBC news, last year Toyota has sold 964,000 cars in Europe. This is definitely a great achievement and this year it is planning to sell 1 million cars. No doubt that Europe, like America is also becoming a big market for Toyota. Another Autoblog post published on March 8, 2006 Toyota was zeroing in on Germany, Europe’s biggest automobile producing country with its revamped Lexus GS hybrid model. The Japanese automobile giant Toyota is now looking for sites to set up its new plant in Europe. Toyota has already passed the budget for setting up the plant. According to Forbes news France and Germany are the first choice. The plant will be operational within the next five years and it will have the capacity to produce 100,000 passenger cars per year.
Toyota is stealing the show in USA lately. In this blog, I have reported you earlier that Toyota had shaken the American automobile companies by moving into the top three in the US automobile market. I think that Toyota has to now focus on the Indian market more. India is turning into one of the biggest markets of automobiles both as a producer and consumer.

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