Saturday, May 06, 2006

Toyota gives incentives on Tundra

Written by: S.M.Mehdi Hassan
Toyota may have outpaced the Daimler Chrysler in small cars but it could not out pace Ford. Ford is still in the number one spot in trucks and pick ups and Toyota is in fourth position. Last month because of the raising gas price Toyota’s new pick up truck Tudra, had a 16% decrease in sales. The company is still holding on to its goal of producing 200,000 units of Tundra per year. Now it has targeted Ford buyers to buy its cars. To increase the sales the company is giving incentives: $2,000 cash back or 0 percent financing and low lease rate. Toyota is also restructuring its present Tundra model. However, shifting the attention of the consumers is not an easy job because many consumers are loyal to their brand. They do not want to buy anything but Ford. Jesse Toprak, Director,, an automotive website said that last month the overall sales of trucks were less. It is true that fuel price have raised but trucks are immune to this because of their sheer size and most of them are used by big firms and companies. I am hopeful that in this case Toyota will have success because Toyota has a good reputation of understanding the public demand and provide the expected product.

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