Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Siemens signs up to provide GSM-R network in China

Written by: S.M.Mehdi Hassan
Siemens communication group has made an agreement with the Chinese Ministry of Railways. According to the report published in “The contract is worth a double-digit million euro sum.” Siemen will provide GSM- R network on 115 kilometer long railway from Beijing to Tianjin.

GSM---Global System for Mobile Communication, a widely used digital mobile phone standard and R- stands for Railway. The system integrates voice and data communication in the rail line system. The project is expected to finish by the beginning of August 2008. This is a pilot project taken in order to start the high standard passenger train between Tianjin and Beijing. The track is designed for high speed trains (350 kilometer per hour). China is now looking forward to improve its existing railway communications and build up efficient railway transport. I am quoting from the report published in Wireless developer network.
GSM-R technology from Siemens provides the Chinese railway operator with the efficient and future-proof solutions it needs, preparing the way for a new era in rail transport. This project is the first time that Siemens Communications has offered a complete package for the Chinese rail sector. It includes signaling and dispatching technology, power supply, overhead lines, system integration and complete project management. Construction of the route is one of the key projects for the 2008 Olympic Games in China.
The order is the second major GSM-R project for Siemens Communications in China. Siemens entered the Chinese market with GSM-R when the Jinan-Qingdao line was equipped with communications technology for railways. These two projects are consolidating Siemens' position as the world market leader in GSM-R networks.
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Hello, you did comment my blog about China:

"Nice analysis about CHina. However, I have one concern about the growth ofthe country. The country is growing at a very fast pace but only some 10-15 rich cities of China are enjoying all the benfits. That is a recipe for social instability in future."

I do full agree with you. Let's hope the social structures, especially in the rural areas, will hold together. A troubled China would mean a lot of problmes elsewhere as well.

Yours Helge K

mehdi said...

Thank you for the comment. You see China and India have a similarity and that is both of them are big countries containing lots of states and only few of them are developed.This is developing in real sense. However, both these countries have shown great potential to develop. Both of them first should focus on building up their domestic economy.