Saturday, May 20, 2006

China planning to export its Cultural products

Written by: S.M.Mehdi Hassan
If you ask any third world educated citizen to name a developed country in the world, there is 90% chance that the name of The United States of America will come up first. USA with its books, television channels and movies are dominating around the world. I think there is no other country so successful in creating such a successful image, an popularize their cultural products world wide At present, China has the largest population and a flourishing economy and the top manufacturer in the world. Now it is thinking of building up its own image like USA.
Recently, Chinese media organizations and government jointly organized ‘Wenbonhui,’ The Second China Shenzhen International Cultural Industry Fair, at Special Economic Zone of Shenzen (SEZ), in Guangdong. Representatives foreign and domestic from both official and print media appeared in this show. The main idea of the show was to export the Chinese cultural products in abroad and building up a brand image of China. I am quoting from Chris Gill’s article-
The main problem for Chinese companies wanting to produce global creative brands, according to Liu Binjie, Deputy Director of GAPP, is "you need to spend money if you want to create a global brand."
China has decided to export Chinese national cultural products, to the global market, Liu said. If China's cultural industry wants to create global brands and internationally-famous names, a brand industry is needed, Liu said. He sees China currently as a manufacturer with no brands, and it will be impossible for China to emulate Hollywood, Harry Potter, or Intel without a brand industry.
To create a (global) cultural brand there needs to be a transfer of Chinese characteristics abroad, but China's cultural product industry is not ready yet, Liu said.
Hammering home his point, Liu said, "Cultural trade needs brands."
China needs to deal with internal problems before it can create a Hollywood, companies need an understanding of (global) marketing and branding to enter global markets.
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