Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Blogs From Asia: The fun Sunday School blog

(From now, you can expect reviews of quality Asian blogs in my blog. We will try to review of Asian blogs on Literature, culture, business and economy, music and movies, history and heritage, science and technology etc. We will give importance to those blogs which contain original content and everyone can read them. So, blogs containing adult contents, political and racial hate messages and content against religions will not be reviewed.)
This review has been done by S M Mehdi Hassan

The school is a blog for teachers especially, for those who are teaching nursery or playgroup children. Written by a teacher who teaches in a school at Jakarta in Indonesia, the blog talks about communicating with the children in the class, school etiquette and various other important issues for teaching children.

From my point of view, teaching small children is the toughest job of all. Young children who are grown up and matured are not that problematic but small children especially below ten is really tough. I remember when I was young my mom used to take me to the school. When she was about to leave I started to cry. I do not know why this happened but after sometimes I became normal. Looking back, I understand that there are many such issues that make teaching small children a very complex and challenging job. It requires lots of patience and hard work. Some children in the class may not listen to the teacher some may start crying, handling such situation requires lots of patience.

At the same time a good teacher should know how to make the class interesting and motivate children to study. I think other people who are engaged in teaching would learn a lot from this blog.

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hedgehogman said...

thanks a lot to review on my blog
i've got the idea from southasiabiz too, that make a site for everybody.

S.M.Mehdi Hassan said...

Its my pleasure. I really enjoyed reading your blog. It has really nice topics. Keep on posting such them. Wish you all the best.