Sunday, April 02, 2006

Mobile digital Television : another new techno- hype in Japan

Recently, Digital television program for mobile phone started in Japan. It will remain as a test broadcast for several months and for the time being, will remain limited to urban areas. Consumers are already rushing to the stores for new mobile sets but now there are not too many phones with the facility. However, Japan is not alone in mobile phone television broad casting. South Korea, Britain, some parts of the USA and several other nations provide this facility.

At present, this service is free. The system is using the digital broad casting system that relays images through television towers. Big companies like Nippon Television, Fuji Television and TV Asahi are involved.

Japan is the place where people love every new gadget and if digital television in mobile becomes a hit then within a short time it will grow into a multi billion dollar industry.

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(By S M Mehdi Hasa)
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