Monday, April 03, 2006

China becoming serious about Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

Western countries have been calling on China for a long time to pay more attention to IPR. It seems that China is going to take this matter more seriously from now. IPR protection of China has passed "Shanghai Initiative" in order to decrease piracy. Under this initiative China is going to establish Intellectual Property Rights service center in 50 major cities. The centers will investigate on IPR related complaints.
Canada, Australia, France, and Germany at the China Forum on Criminal IPR Protection signed the document. Under the agreement the countries will exchange information, and make joint efforts to stop software piracy.

Jiang Zengwei China’s vice minister of Commerce and Director of the State Office of Intellectual Property Protection said, “We aim to arouse the whole society to strengthen enforcement of IPR protection.” He also said that government would take more effective measures to protect IPR in cooperation with the international community. (

At present there are 6,700 IPR infringement cases in the past five years involving 3.5 billion yuan (437.5 million U.S. dollars).Chinese economy is growing at an astounding pace and many manufacturing companies are now opening their factories in China. Thus giving more attention to IPR is really a very smart move by Chinese government. As a result of this move, many international investors will feel more motivated to invest in China.
(written by S M Mehdi Hasan)

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