Monday, March 13, 2006

How can listing in Google Blog Search help you?

These days much is written about SEO (Search Engine Optimizations) and a large portion of the content is aimed for the best search engine of the world, Google. However, it seems that very few of these contents are about Google's blog search. Many people assume that Google's web search is most important and Google's web search blogs are covered too. Well, I hate to say that their view is not wrong but at the same time, I like to add that being listed in Google Blog Search can benefit you greatly too.
These days, having blog is a very common matter. First of all, blog is free and at the same time blogs in Blogger is free of advertisements too. Even you can add your own advertisements and earn money. There is no limitation of bandwidth and hardly any web designing skill is required. With the number of blogs increasing, the amount of content is increasing too everyday. Most of all, the number of visitors to blog is increasing and thus blog is becoming a serious market. Thus the importance of being listed in Google Blog Search is becoming more important.

The first place that a person should aim for getting enlisted in the " Related Blogs" area which is top. When you search a keyword then if there are blogs dedicated to that keyword then those blogs are shown in the top of the search. Thus if you search for "Asian Business" in Google's blog search then you can find my blog in the third position among " Related Blogs". Thus every time, someone searches for 'Asian Business' my blog is coming to them. This is surely a great blessing for any blog owner. It can result into bringing more traffic for the blog. May be asian business is not a very popular keyword but think of the matter that if your blog with a very popular theme like earning money or health and fitness can be enlisted in the "Related Blogs" place then it may really bring you hundreds of visitors every day.
Secondly, being enlisted in such a place is also the dream of any blog owner and it is very prestigious. This means that when you bargain with any company about advertisement you have surely got an edge. Just being in that list can ensure you get some extra dollar simply because the advertisers would surely prefer a blog which is considered by Google to be related to the keyword.

As for me, having my blog in the Google's "Related Blogs" simply means that I can show off to others and this given me an edge as far as freelance writing is considered. Not only that, I am taken seriously by many people as a serious blogger. However, being in the "Related Blogs" section needs some patient effort. For this, you need to post articles on a regular basis and of course the content should be original. Copy and paste approach will not take you far in the eyes of Google. Secondly, you must promote your website too. If you have good traffic then you stand in a better chance. These days so much is said about SEO (search engine optimization) techniques that most people forget the basic fact that only when you have good content then you can try for SEO- not before that.

Even if you cannot manage to get into the "Related Blogs" section there is still a chance that your blog will get high ranking in Blog Search. However, for that you must focus on a particular theme and focus on your keywords. Often, when I search about a particular topic in Google web search, I also search in Google's blog search. I do it simply because, in Google's blog search I can find many good articles which are not visible in the top 20-30 positions in Google's web search. If you focus on a particular keyword or a few keywords and write consistently on them then surely whenever someone searches about the keyword/s several of your posts may come in first three pages of the search results. This can give you more or less the same benefit like being in the "Related Blogs" section. Perhaps the best thing with blog search is that you can get listed in the "Related Blogs" section or your blog can come to the first position of a searching of a particular keyword and for it you do not have to spend any money. Thus without spending money your blog can have good visitors and you can have good earning potential.
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