Monday, March 13, 2006

Battle intensifies among Yahoo, Google and MSN over video content

Until five years ago, most people even in the most developed countries could not imagine of downloading a movie by Internet because of the slow speed of their net. This has changed a lot in the last 5 years as broadband internet is becoming more and more common to various parts of the world. Broadband high speed internet is not only available now but also it is very cheap in many countries. So, the users are hungry for new contents and noting can be more attractive than videos. To catch this market Google, Yahoo and MSN have introduced video facilities for the users. Many kinds of videos are available. Not all the videos are free to download but still the collection of free download is huge. is the website of Google Video. It has hundreds of video files and to enjoy the video files a user needs a Google Video Player which can be downloaded from the website at free of charge. If a user does not have high speed internet connection then it will take a long time to download a small video file. One of the best advantages of Google Video is that any user can upload his/her own file and then sell it or give it for free. This option has made Google Video very attractive to everyone. Now everyone whose hobby is doing video can become a seller in this market. Google is the number one search engine and searching video with Google is really fun. In Google Video player there is an option for searching video which is really very powerful. Quality of video in Google Video is moderate mainly because this way Google can reach to maximum number of users. If they give only high quality video then the size of file will become too big and many users will not be able to enjoy this facility. One of the best features of Google Video is the diversity of the videos available for downloading. For example, there is one video file of 1896- more than 110 years old. This file is indeed one of the earliest moving images in the world. Another nice feature of Google Video player is that first it downloads the video totally and then shows it. This way, the users don’t feel annoyed as they can enjoy uninterrupted video.

MSN video is very popular since its beginning. There are two kinds of contents- basic contents and premium contents. Basic contents are free but premium contents need a yearly subscription $19.95/year. However, only users from the USA can enjoy premium content. MSN video needs a PC run by Windows XP operating system and Windows media player 10 or later version. A PC must have a minimum 64 MB of RAM but for good viewing 256 MB is appropriate. After downlading a video content, it can be transferred to five different devices (PCs, SmartPhones, PocketPCs and Portable Media Centers). One very interesting feature of MSN video is that when a user downloads a video he can decide that how long the file will be in the hard drive. So, if he decides to keep the video for 7 days then after 7 days the file will delete from the hard drive of the computer automatically.

Yahoo video search is a good search engine for video files. If a user wants to find a file then instantly Yahoo video search presents the video files available from internet. For example for a search with the word 'elephant' brought 4,790 video files. The advanced search option in Yahoo Video search is really very useful for the users. It gives a user a number of options such as format (AVI, MPEG etc) of a video file, size, duration etc. This feature makes it very easy for the users to find a video of their choice.
The battle for video file download and search is becoming a major battle and Yahoo, Google and MSN all are trying their best to capture this market. Google's approach to be the best as it allows any user to upload and sell their content. On the other hand, MSN has still the best market because of the fact that MSN has a strong hold on this market for many months. Secondly, MSN produces many quality videos daily through its many channels. On the other hand, MSN video works on Windows Media Player, This software is installed with Windows operating system and that is why viewers do not need to install a new software for enjoying MSN videos. With high speed internet becoming available and affordable in many parts of the world, this battle over video content is going to intensify. Now more websites are joining in this video battle. AOL has already announced their intention to get a good share of this market in near future. The more the battle intensifies, the users will be benefited as they can get more and more free contents.
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