Sunday, April 12, 2015

Xiaomi sells 2.12 million smartphones in a 12-hour ‘fan festival’ event

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi sold more than two million smartphones during a 12-hour ‘fan festival’ event staged across seven countries in Asia on Wednesday.
The quantity of smartphone sold during the event was 2.12 million and earned revenue of RMB 2.08 billion, that is around $335 million. Customers also showcased 38,000 Mi TVs and over 770,000 smart appliances in this event. It was organized in order to celebrate the company’s fifth birthday. This event surpassed the previous ‘flash sale’ event on the basis of its popularity and sales.
Xiaomi’s main target is not only to sale phone but also to maintain good relationship with customers. According to a story published on the Wall Street Journal, the company regularly hosts parties where hundreds of unpaid invited fans can launch events. It also maintains an active forum where they company can directly communicate with customers, solicits feedback from them and pushes out weekly software updates based on interaction with users.

Sale of the company is increasing day by day. Last year, they sold 60 million smartphones, and they are expecting that sales of smartphone will reach 100 million this year. After Apple and Samsung, it is the third largest smartphone maker in the world. However, it is the top ranked company in China based on its sales.