Thursday, February 12, 2015

Samsung will unveil two models next month

In order to regain top position in the global market, Samsung Electronics Co. is releasing two new models of Galaxy smartphone next month. It is said that one of the models will have three-sided screen. Both models will have full metal bodies and use Samsung’s most advanced processor chips.
It is also reported that the second model that will be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Spain will have only a front-facing display. Both the models will have 5.1-inch screens.
Strong sales of Apple Inc.’s iPhone 6 and 6+ models have helped the American-based company to capture Samsung’s share. South Korean company is using its skills in displays and chips to become the market leader. They have lost both customers and earnings for three straight quarters.

The company will have to make a model with new technology that can stop iPhone’s dominance in the smartphone market and distinguish it from others.