Monday, January 13, 2014

Sri Lanka Cricket once again has confirmed its promise to the tour of Bangladesh

Sri Lanka’s tour of Bangladesh is considered to be the most important bilateral series for the host nation as their fat of retaining the hosting rights of the two big tournaments- Asia Cup and 2014 Twenty20 World Cup, are highly depending on it. If they can successfully organize this series and provide security to the Sri Lankan cricket team then there will be no problem for them to organize the other two big tournaments.
Now, Bangladesh’s first challenge is to organize the series successfully. SLC has once again confirmed that Sri Lanka’s tour of Bangladesh is on. They have the possibility to get the hosting rights of both the Asia Cup and World Twenty20 if they cancel the tour. Sri Lanka is thought to be one of the reserve hosts for both these tournaments.

On January 15, Sri Lanka will take their final decision whether or not they will send their team. This series will begin on January 24.