Monday, January 13, 2014

Salman Khan’s bank account is deposited 10% of his income to spend on himself

Besides acting, the Bollywood superstar, Salman Khan, has earned reputation as a philanthropist. The actor, who is the founder of an NGO called Being Human, has already been involved in several charitable activities during his career. He has a huge fan following who are very much interested to know each and every details of their celebrity. A rare fact about the actor has recently come out which actually indicates his simple life lead.
His fans may be surprised to hear that only 10% of Salman’s income used to deposit in his account from the time the actor started working. When the actor started signing cheques five months back, it was the first time he started operating his bank account. This responsibility has come to him after his father, Salim Kha, who fixed 10% for Salman, allowing him to spend the money on his own. Until about five months back, the 48-year-old actor had never signed a cheque in his life.

Out of the rest of his 90% income, a part went into charity and now, for Being Human.