Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Korea: Too Much Pressure for Students

Life is always tough for Korean students right from the start perhaps. A Korean student can never have the luxury of having some peaceful time without any pressure in any part of their educational life. It does not matter if you are studying at primary level or masters- you simply have to produce the results or good grades. Yes, good grade is the only thing that matters.
There are some good aspects of this pressure. Because of this pressure, students are forced to work hard and it has good effect in the economy. On the one hand, Korea’s export stats are impressive. It means more jobs and more jobs mean fewer unemployed youths.
Of course, any kind of pressure is bound to have some kind of negative consequences. In Korea, the pressure means that students are not happy. They are always dissatisfied. Also, too much pressure to get good grades can result in focusing on memorizing test answers rather than becoming creative.
Children are forced to go coaching centers after regular schools. It means that they have little time for sports and fun. That is surely not good. Well, you have to sacrifice some things in life to get some other things.