Monday, September 03, 2012

Run Baby Run: Some Information and Review

Mohanlal and Amala Paul starring Run Baby Run was released on 29 August 2012. This Malayalam movie was the blend of action, comedy and thriller, which makes it a well-balanced movie to watch this festival season. It was directed by Joshiy and produced by Milan Jaleel. The story of this film was written by Sachi and distributed by Galaxy Films.
Run Baby Run is a funny movie with a lot of action and excitement. Fans will have to be seated from beginning till the end just to watch what happens to the fate of lead actor and actress.
It has made good business and hit the box office. It has been included as Mohanlal’s last successful film. Mohanlal’s fans will be happy to him in this character.
The film has news media as its background. It tells the story of two people working in different channels. It also narrates their relationship and professional conflicts. Mohanlal played the role of a high profile cameraman named Venu. Amala Paul portrayed the role of a reporter Renuka who works for a well-known TV channel.
Fans should be excited when they will find the lead actors being faced by many troubles and how they come out of this trouble.