Friday, August 31, 2012

Joker Hindi Movie and Its Reviews

The movie Joker is significant for two reasons. First of all, it is the first Hindi movie about aliens and then, it is supposed to be the 10th film in the career of Akshay Kumar. So, far, the reviews, I have seen in Internet are mostly negative. Here are some links:
“In a recent PETA event (check), a vital question raised was, what if aliens performed tests on humans. After watching this film and feeling like a guinea pig in Shirish Kunder’s lab, we know that it can’t be any worse.”
So, if you are a person who go the movies after reading the reviews in Internet then there is almost 99% possibility that you will not buy a ticket of Joker film.  
Well, I am giving you the trailer from YouTube:

If you go to the YouTube Page then you will notice that a lot of people wrote negative comments there. Well, I just feel that people and critics should welcome this movie a bit more because it is a courageous experiment of doing something new in Bollywood. One of the reasons that Bollywood is losing its attraction is the fact that all the movies are based on same formula- some romance, some singing and dancing, some emoiton and some spice.
Bollywood is not for children, science fiction has no place here and even hardly any sports movies are made.