Sunday, November 06, 2011

Mohammad Asif will be move to an open prison

Three Pakistani players- Salman Butt, Mohammad Asif, and Mohammad Amir and their agent Mazhar Majeed, have been found guilty in the spot-fixing conspiracy. Because of their involvement in the match-fixing, they have been handed jail in different terms by a London court. They will soon be taken to prison.

According to a close friend of Pakistan fast bowler, Mohammad Asif, the 28-year-old player will be moved to an open prison this week. Compared to a closed prison, he will get more freedom and privileges at an open prison. He said that his friend is likely to be moved to an open prison by the end of next week.

Mohammad Asif has been sentenced to prison for one year for being involved in spot-fixing conspiracy. He will be imprisoned at the jail in Wandsworth. Not only he but also his former captain and co-conspirator Butt will be imprisoned at the same jail.

It is yet to know if agent Mazhar Majeed would be at the same prison or not. Mohammad Amir has got less punishment among the conspirators. However, he will not be sent at the same prison. Instead, he will be sent at Feltham Young Offenders Institution. It has a reputation for being a cruel environment for prisoners.