Friday, September 02, 2011

That Girl in Yellow Boots: A confused movie with some potential

For the last two or three days, I can find that in Google Trends India the name of the movie ‘That Girl in Yellow Boots” has constantly remained. I am sure about the reason because the movie does not feature any high profile actor or actress. Although it was released recently, the movie was shown in different film festivals for the last one year.

It is clear that That Girl in Yellow Boots has been made keeping mind only on the multiplex audience. The idea of the story is not bad but it is not for ordinary people who would accept martial arts, dance and music in a Bollywood movie. That is why, it has some potential to create something new in Bollywood but what I feel is that the movie has been mainly inspired by the Slumdog Millionaire. However, acting and direction both are weak and the script is also not that impressive.

People will surely enjoy the acting of Naseeruddin Shah, but apart from him I am not sure others will be able to ask any impact on the mind of the viewers.

That Girl in Yellow Boots could have been a trend maker has it been made with bigger budget and longer duration. It should have also featured some good actors and actresses.

The movie may do well in England as the lead character in the movie is acting in a role that comes from England to search for her father in India.