Friday, September 16, 2011

Mohammad Azharuddin’s son breathes his last on Friday

Mohammad Azharuddin is deeply mourning for the loss of his son, Ayazuddin, who died on Friday (16th September 2011). He left his last breath at Apollo Hospital in Hyderabad five days after being critically injured in a motorbike accident.

His death news was confirmed by Apollo Hospital. According to the statement given from Apollo Hospital, he died at 11.51 a.m. due to hypoxic encephalopathy.

He was critically injured after his sports bike was crushed at Puppalaguda on Outer Ring Road of Hyderabad 11th September.

Ayazuddin was driving the bike while his cousin, Ajmal-ur-Rahman, was sitting pillion. Ajmal-ur-Rahman’s death was confirmed few hours after they were taken to the hospital.

Ayazuddin’s dead body was taken to Azharuddin's house in Banjara Hills. He was buried in the evening.

Between his two brothers, Ayazuddin was the youngest son of Azharuddin from his first wife Naureen. Later, he divorced her and married Sangeeta Bijlani.