Friday, September 02, 2011

Low priced tablet PC can make any impact in the tablet PC market?

Apple’s iPad is the market leader in the tablet PC market. They are leading this competitive market since their launch. There is hardly any company who can compete with Apple’s iPad.

Already many companies tried to compete with them and at last they failed. So, it is sure that iPad is unbeatable and it will hold its position for long time.

So, top companies like Lenovo, Samsung and Amazon will try to compete for the second, third and fourth position.

Big companies should try to launch their product in as low rate as possible. The aim of decreasing the product price is to gain some market share.

How low price a tablet PC can be? Lenovo has launched a tablet PC that will be below $200. This new tablet PC will cost only $199. Their low price will surely attract the consumers. It will also help the company to get some market share quickly.

The price of this new tablet PC is very much cheap compared to iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab. iPad’s price starts from $499 to $899. On the other hand, the new version of Samsung Galaxy Tab is just $600.

Both Sony and Amazon are also expecting to launch a new tablet PC this year.

Let’s see if new tablet PCs can make any impact in the sale of Apple’s iPad.