Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Apple’s competitors will face high risk in the tablet PC market

Increasing the amount of competitors is obviously a good news for buyers as it will automatically decrease the price of tablet PCs. But for Apple’s competitor, it is a risk issue. What market watchers told Taiwanese industry publication, DigiTimes, is that Apple’s competitor will face a “high risk” in the tablet PC market. The reason of facing high risk is that demand scale is only likely to be around 20 million units.

As more companies are expected to release their own tablet PCs in the second half of 2011, customers will be able to choose from them. No doubt, Apple is lucky as they got success in this growing market with the launch of the first-generation iPad in 2010.

Like the iPad, very few companies could see the success in this competitive market. South Korean company, Samsung, launched Galaxy Tab later last year and it got pretty success. Another major company, Motorola, launched their Xoom tablet PC earlier this year, but it was sold than the company expected.

Market watchers said that companies like Acer and Asustek will also face the same situation. Companies that are waiting to make their entrance in the tablet PC market will not only have to compete with major companies but also they will have to face competition from smaller companies. is getting much publicity after they announced to launch their tablet PC in the second half of 2011.