Saturday, April 09, 2011

Arsene Wenger is upset for Arsenal supporters’ disappointment

It seems that Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger, is upset for the disappointment of his team’s supporters.

What makes Arsenal manager much upset is perhaps the extensive disappointment of The Arsenal Supporters' Trust. They expressed their disappointment for Arsenal’s recent result.

No doubt, it made Arsene Wenger very upset and it is natural. Despite his team’s good performance, he has been criticized. At present, Arsenal is taking second position in the EPL point table. They are just 6 points behind Manchester United. This kind of performance cannot be considered as disaster.

Another important thing is that there are other teams who invest 10 times more than Arsenal, but they are behind the North London club.

The Gunners could not win any title for a long time and this season, they also have no hope of winning any trophy. They were knocked out of the FA Cup and the Champions League in the last six weeks and they failed to win the Carling Cup trophy after being beaten by Birmingham in the final.

Arsenal fans should be thankful to Arsene Wenger for his contribution that made young studded Arsenal one of the top four teams to be playing in the Champions League for 15 years.

Arsene Wenger has always been criticized for his policy to invest in youth players in stead of signing with established stars. He said that despite having any big stars Arsenal has done well and they are standing at number second in the EPL ranking.

Arsenal has one more match to play against Blackpool. If they can win the match then they can reduce the point difference with Manchester United.