Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ticket price for India vs Pakistan match will be higher

Cricket fans are now excitedly waiting to see the much anticipated India vs Pakistan semi-final match that will take place at PCA Ground in Mohali on March 30. That is why, they have started collecting tickets of that match. It seems that people are very much crazy to see the match on stadium and because of this reason die hard fans may not bother to spend money.

No doubt, the price of tickets will be much higher compared to other matches of the ongoing World Cup. It is hard that the tickets of India vs Pakistan match would be found available at black-market. But ordinary people may not buy these tickets because of high price.

According to a person, it is heard that the ticket that is priced at Rs. 10, 000 will be sold for Rs. 50, 000 while the rate of Rs. 15, 0000 tickets are being sold at Rs. 1, 00, 000.

The match between India and Pakistan is considered to be the most important match even World Cup final may not attract much attention like that.

Fans can see some political leaders of both teams to come and watch the game live on stadium. Good news for Pakistani people is that 5000 visas will be available for Pakistani spectators to come in India and watch the match live.

It is expected see some top political leaders come together and watch the match live on stadium.

India has very good record against Pakistan in the World Cup. Both teams have played four matches in the limited over world cup and India won all of them. Let’s see if India can maintain their winning streak or not.