Sunday, February 06, 2011

Valentine’s Week: Information about SMS and E-cards of Rose Day

Valentine’s Day is a special day which is celebrated every year around the world. It is a popular festival among the teenagers. True lovers of different ages wait for this day to show their love and respect to their lovers.

Because of its rising popularity in every corner of the world, it is now celebrated not in one day rather than seven days which are called Valentine’s week.

Valentine’s week starts from 7 February and it continues till 14 February. The first day of this week is called Rose Day which is celebrated on February 7.

Here is given the name of days with date that are followed in Valentine’s week:

Rose Day on Feb 7,

Propose Day Feb 8,

Chocolate Day Feb 9,

Teddy Day Feb 10,

Promise Day Feb 11,

Hug Day on Feb 11,

Kiss Day on Feb 13

Valentine Day on Feb 14.

If you are a true lover then you should not miss the chance to buy a garland of red roses for your near and dear one. The price of flowers especially roses will be high compared to the other days. To express the feeling of love, one can send greeting card along with the garland of roses.

As it is the time of internet, sending e-cards, SMS, wallpaper through internet has become the popular ways to show love to their beloved one.

People don’t have to spend huge time and money to get their perfect gift on Internet. To get a suitable gift, they will have to search on net. Even, social networking sites like Orkut, Facebook and Twitter are also getting huge popularity to wish someone.

Here, in this entry, I have collected a list of links from where you can find SMS, and Greeting cards-



I hope that you should celebrate the day with love and happiness.