Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tokyo Gas and Panasonic launched newly improved “Ene-Farm” Home fuel cell

Tokyo Gas and Panasonic is jointly going to launch their newly improved “Ene-Farm” Home Fuel Cell which offers better fuel efficiency and comes at a more affordable price.

The “Ene-Farm” is a compound word derived from “Energy” and “Farm.” It is a fuel cell-co generation system that generates electricity via a “chemical reaction between the Oxygen in the atmosphere and the hydrogen extracted from city gas.” Heat is generated through the chemical reaction that can be used to heat homes and waters. The “Ene-farm” is a highly eco-friendly product and there is no energy loss for the heat is used and generated at the same place. reports:

The new "Ene-Farm" fuel cell offers a rated generation efficiency of 40% (LHV), representing a further improvement on the existing range of products with over 37% (LHV) efficiency, the highest in the world to date. The system configuration of "fuel cell unit" has been greatly simplified and the core components such as the "stacks" which generate electricity have been significantly downsized.”

The new “Ene-Farm” fuel cell comes at 2,761,500 yen including tax. Compared to the current models, it is 700,000 yen cheaper. The new “Ene-Farm” fuel cell will be launched on April 1, 2011.

The first “Ene-Farm” products had been launched in May 2009. To date, Panasonic shipped a total of 5,000 units in Japan. Panasonic is also planning to set up a new production system to expand its annual production capacity.