Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Tanishq introduces Rs.999/ diamond collection ahead of the Valentine’s Day

What would you prefer to give as a gift to your partner in the coming Valentine's Day? If you are true lover then you should expect to make the day memorable by giving your partner a luxurious gift like diamond but it is not possible for all as it is expensive.

For those passionate lovers, who want to give their partners a glittering diamond but can’t afford it for its high price, India’s most favorite jewellery, Tanishq, is giving special offer to get diamond collection at a price of Rs.999/. It is really unbelievable but true. This special collection is only for Valentine’s Day.

The price range of diamond collection will start at Rs. 999/. This three-day special offer will start from 12 February 2011 to 14 February 2011. It will be available at all Tanishq stores across the country. The diamond collection will also be found available in Tanishq Kiosks at the selected malls in selected cities.

It is obviously a lucrative offer. Not many people who have limited income want to miss the chance to get a diamond collection for their partners. It will help them to prove their love and care for their lovers.

Valentine’s Day is a special day for lovers to show their love and honor to their would be spouse. It is celebrated everywhere in the world. Now, teenage couple should wait for the 14th of the February.

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