Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The new name of the Kochi IPL is Indi Commandos

There is less than two months left to kick off the fourth edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL). Before commencing their inaugural IPL campaign, the Kochi IPL franchise has once again caught the media attention after disclosing their new name on Wednesday at their official Twitter page.

According to their announcement on the Twitter page, the new name of this club is ‘Indi Commandos’.

No doubt, it will be a talk of the topic for many days and we can see cricket fans organizing debate about it.

You may want to know the meaning of ‘Indi Commandos’. The word ‘Indi’ refers to the meaning of independent Indian cricket team that will move ahead to win billions of hearts. ‘Commandos’ refers to the meaning of an elite fighting squad which is well reputed for attacking with speed, secrecy and fatal power.

Since its joining in the list of IPL, the Kochi IPL franchise has been the center of many controversies for many reasons. At first, they were reported for the ownership related scandal.

Let’s see if their new name can inspire the players to perform well in the IPL 2011.

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